Real Brands Trailer Addon

Real Brands Trailer Addon

Available only on my Steam Workshop at this page.

Hello everyone, this mod aims to add some trailer skins from real brands to the game: it doesn’t replace any existing skins, it just adds new ones to AI traffic.

Not being American and therefore not knowing what important brands there are, give me some advice on which brands you would like me to add. I will examine your requests trying to satisfy you as much as possible.

AIT logistic, Amazon, Amazon Prime, American Airlines, Burger King, Bunge, Calvin Klein, Cannon, Cargill, Ceva, Coca Cola, DFS Logistic, DHL Express, DSV Saima, Geodis, GLS Express, Illy, Interstate, JAS, Richard Kempers, Levi’s, Loves, LX Pantos, Mars, McDonald, MCS Malboro, Nescafè, Nike, Office Depot, Office Depot Office Max, Petronas, Pringles, Ralph Lauren, Schenker, SF logistic, Sysco, TNT Express, Tostitos, Tyson, UPS, Weston, ZIMonitor

##### 2022-02-20
Added the following:
Federal Express, Knight, Schneider, Swift, Walmart

Also added the following tanker trailers:
British Petroleum, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon

##### 2022-03-07
Added the following
Caterpillar, Case IH, Estes, Harly Davidson, JB Hunt, Monfort, XPO

##### 2022-04-12
Added the following
Averitt, KLLM
Added also some double trialer as a test: if it works, I’ll add other double.

##### 2022-04-19
Added the following:
– Stevens Transport
– Covenant
– Werner
– Sam’s Club
– Penske
– Pan Am

##### 2022-04-21
Minor bug fixes.

##### 2022-05-14
Added the following:
– Butler
– Cardinal
– Celadon
Also implemented previous companies adding some double and triple trailers.

##### 2022-11-06
Added the following:
– De Cecco
– Voiello
– Barilla
Also added the following fuel tanker trailers:
– Petrobras
– Apache Oil Company
– EcoPetrol
– Pemex
– Saudi Aramco
Also added the following food tanker trailers:
– Cocacola
– Pepsi

I have noticed that in some cases, in order to perform a correct update of the mod, you must unsubscribe first, and then subscribe again.

All my works are absolutely for FREE, but . . . if you’re feeling generous maybe you’d like to buy me a coffee or, rather, a pint!

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