Real Brands Traffic Trailers

Real Brands Traffic Trailers

Available only on my Steam Workshop at this page.

Hello everybody,
the mod allow you to ADD to your game some traffic trailers without replacing the existing ones (only SCS standard Trailers, not Krone nor Schwarzmüller).

Be aware that this mod simply adds trailers to AI traffic. If you want to OWN my trailers, you have to look for them in my workshop, subscribing each one you want.

Amazon, Amazon Prime, Bistefani, British Petroleum (tanker trailer), Cannon Packing, DHL, Ducati Corse, Fastweb, Fercam, Ferrero Nutella, GLS, Illy Caffè, Intimissimi, Johnson Controls, Lufthansa, Mulino Bianco, Nescafè, Nike, Nissan, Petronas Racing, Poste Italiane, Savino Del Bene, Segafredo, SF Logistics Express, TNT Express, UPS United Parcel Service, Transeurope (curtain and tanker trailer), Uliveto & Rocchetta

The mod is constantly in development, so every now and then there will be updates regarding new brands, new trailers and the structure of the mod itself, in order to make it lighter for the system.

##### 2022-06-10
First of all Thank you all for downloading and enjoying my mod.
With today’s June 10 update I added 7 new brands and some variants such as isolated, reefer, double curtain.
Added: Brivio & Viganò, Dissegna, Generix, Kintetsu, Lindsay, Norbert Dentressangle, Torello.

##### 2022-06-16
Added: Dachser, Delta Express, Ouzanzoul, Witt
Also implemented some of the existing brands with new single/double trailers.

##### 2022-06-18
Added: Boekestijn, Leitner and DGF Trans (curtain, insulated, reefer), Cocacola (food tank), Eni, Esso, Q8, Repsol, Shell, Tamoil and Total (fuel cistern).

##### 2022-06-24
Added: Chevron (fuel cistern), AW Transports, Bennet, Carrefour, DPD Groupe, Duracell, Energizer, Esselunga, ItalTrans, LIDL, Molenbergnatie, Quehenberger, Simco Trans, Temmel.

All my works are absolutely for FREE, but . . . if you’re feeling generous maybe you’d like to buy me a coffee or, rather, a pint!

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